Wednesdays at 7:30pm at Rendevous ABC Suites



It’s the middle of the week.  Homework is piling up, lab scores are pending, deadlines are looming, and you feel a panic coming on…


Take a break – refresh your soul, renew your mind, remember what really matters.

Pursue Jesus and discover His pursuit of you at Fusion!

Grab a snack, connect with friends, hear what’s going on all around XA.

Sing out with dynamic, rockin’ worship – let God know how much you love Him.

Listen to a talk about Jesus.

Pray with a good friend.

Got some extra time? Head out afterward for a late night of cheap eats and laughter.

Finally back in your room hours later, you are exhausted but energized for the week ahead, refueled for a life of meaning and purpose.

Cell Groups

We love to live life together, and that is what Cell group is about. Cell Group becomes your best friends and love to hangout and have adventures together. They also meet once a week to discuss life, spirituality, the Bible, and to pray together. Discipleship groups usually meet on or near campus for around 90 minutes.  Make one of these groups a priority!

2019 Fall Retreat is coming quickly!Register Here
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