Dig Your Own Well

We’ve had what we call The Pillars-to be devoted, live in community, and take responsibility. This semester we are challenging our students to really be devoted, go deep, calling them to, “Dig Your Own Well”. To take time in their lives for Jesus. To be devoted to him daily

We have 5 resources here that we want all our leaders, Cell groups, 1-1s, and students to use to begin to grow deep and begin to take a shovelful of depth in their lives daily.

5 Studies

These studies cover topics that are central to you can begin to take steps to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus. Some studies have articles, are Bible Studies but, all have Bible verses and discussion questions. These are great for personal study, a discipleship meeting, or Cell Group discussion! Take some time to “Dig Your Own Well” this semester.

Seek and be baptized with God’s Spirit

Prayer:  there are basically two major tools that God gives us to dig our own well.

Real Devotional Life

Sacred Pathways:  do you find yourself envious of the way that some other people connect with God?

Tithing:  a Kingdom Principle

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